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Is your Municipality compliant with AEMA's 2018 Local Authority Emergency Management

Regulation update?

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Emergency Preparedness 

 Be Ready

Our Services

CP Emergency Solutions helps your municipality understand the new requirements around plans, exercises and training. 


Once the changes are understood we can also provide the expertise to bring your municipality into compliance!

Gap analysis focusing 2018 AEMA act update

A GAP analysis will make sure you have a neutral assessment for your current emergency management program and will give your municipality a plan to be 100% compliant with 2018 AEMA act update. We will assess your level of compliance with all provincial requirements, best practices for communities of your size and consider the completeness of your program.

Incident Command

System (ICS) 100, 200 and 300 training

The Incident Command System (ICS) is a standard on site command and control system used to manage emergency incidents and planned events. CP Emergency Solutions can provide instruction on ICS up to the 300 level.


Our workshops are personalized to your organization, interactive, and are designed to meet training objectives.  Upon finalization, trainees are provided with an evaluation form to assess the effectiveness of the training, and a ICS Canada recognized certificate.

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Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) training

Our EOC training goals are to guide and prepare the trainees to protect life and property, while preserving the continuity of the organization.


The first part of the training analyses the theory and processes of responding to an emergency; activation of your EOC, the briefing process, the action plan development process, and how your EOC works during a response. 


The next two parts center on the activation and practicing personalized to your organization. Specialized training is key for leaders within your EOC that is why CP Emergency Solutions offers a specific training.   This session specifically focuses on leadership, delivering briefings, and creating action plans.


This training helps leaders recognize how to enable their teams to work efficiently and to reach their full potential in a response.

Exercise Development

CP Emergency Solutions  offers comprehensive exercise development  and facilitation. 

We will work with you to understand what objectives you wish to achieve before designing an emergency exercise program.

At CP Emergency Solutions we want to set your team up for success. This is accomplished by providing your team with a challenging exercise that stretches their experience without overwhelming anyone.

We can work with all budgets and timelines. Anything from a small facilitated tabletop exercise all the way to a multi-day regional full scale exercise is possible


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Jennifer Lutz 

Deputy Director Emergency Management

“The Town of Olds contracted CP Emergency Solutions in 2018 to assist developing a new

Municipal Emergency Response Plan. This included conducting reviewing the Town Self Assessments and Risk Assessment

for our Community.

CP also provided ICS 100 training for municipal staff, elected officials and emergency response

partners, such as the RCMP and the energy industry and the day concluded with a

Tabletop Exercise which was very successful. The guidance during the exercise and follow up reporting was especially



In 2019 the Town of Olds ERP was audited and we received high praise from AEMA. Participant feedback regarding the training and exercise was also outstanding.

Grey Nomad Consulting.png

Terry Peck 

President & CEO of Grey Nomad Consulting

“I have known and worked with Adam Payzant (President and CEO of CP Emergency Solutions) a long time and can attest to his knowledge and experience in emergency management. Adam's strengths in all 4 phases of emergency management; mitigation/prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery have enabled him to become a sought after resource in this field.


Most recently I have worked with Adam on developing and exercising Emergency Response Plans, providing ICS training up to ICS 300, and responding to significant emergency events in Alberta. Adam is a dedicated, reliable, and trustworthy member of the emergency management community and is deserving of your business

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